Iron Maiden at Bali Concert : A Little Note from The Suburban Metalheads

02 Mar

18 – 20 February 2011, Garuda Wisnu Kencana, Bali

“maybe I’m not their die hard fans, but missed the legend would be a big mistake!”

For music lovers, came to Iron Maiden concert for the first time in Indonesia it’s a must!…and anyone who called themselves metalheads should know what to do right? ;), to miss a legend like this, some says you better remove your attribute ;p …

Jakarta or Bali?

Since the beginning I had the intention to watch in Bali, because the exotic venue (Garuda Wisnu Kencana/GWK) and I felt bored with concerts in Jakarta, wanna try some new atmosphere, and finally that dream come true.

Friday night, February 18, 2011 trip by private car starts, Iron Maiden setlist in Jakarta had been prepared for short courses of their new songs…and the moon start changing with the sun, morning has come, and we were already landed our foot in Gilimanuk harbor, where most incidents occur when there is bonek (bondo nekat, named for supporter football club, usually they have no money, nekat : without preparation) want to get on our car, of course, we rejected.

After take a rest for a while, then we moved to KFC Jimbaran looking for my friends from IndoTroopers to exchange the tickets…

(the ticket)

well, because that day was Saturday night, and like most other youth people while in Bali, we take a walk to Kuta and Legian Beach….fullmoon blues accompanied us until we stranded in Denpasar because we felt hungry…until finally docked to Ubud for buy some sleep…

The (\m/) Day, Scream For Me Bali!

After no more sleep debt, we don’t waste our time while in Bali, considering the gate open at 17:00 pm, we take a tour to Dreamland Beach (near GWK) for “refreshing my eyes” and take a bath because that day was so fuckin’ hot in Bali (maybe because of the Rain Stopper effect, we called here Pawang Hujan, for anticipating if the rain comes down because it would be make a little noise for the concert).

16:30 pm, the venue is still quiet and suddenly my stomach asks to be filled…

17.00 pm, the gate opened and all fans scramble in to buy some official merchandise. This merchandise didn’t available in Jakarta concert, some says because it was detained at the Customs office.

Festival B seemed more deserted, I was so confused in the booth merchandise when choosing T-shirts, the design was great, it has the full detail. But the material and the screen printing not comparable with the price ($30). And unfortunately I ran out of size S and decided to choose this :

(then I realized this is the same shirt that Janick Gers used in concert)

Because of that shirt, I met Bli Nyoman (he’s kind of music concerts maniac), he helped me “look more closely” to Iron Maiden ;D. Because of shirt too, I became acquainted with JP (Jean-Philippe), French trooper who have been watching Iron Maiden four times, including once when Blaze Bayley still the vocalist at a small concert…we talk a lot about music and concerts, when I ask if he knows about Borobudur (he said yes) and Scorpions gonna make a farewell concert there, then he told me that he just watched Scorpions farewell tour few weeks before (I forgot where), and he said the new members of Scorpions was not in the good performance (only 3 original members left). JP shocked when bli Nyoman and I told stories about David Foster concert, with the most expensive ticket was Rp 25.000.000 (about $2500), he said “what? no, you must be kidding me, that’s ridiculous!”.

(with Jean-Philippe)

20.00 pm, Rise To Remain with Austin Dickinson on vocal, yes he was the son of Bruce Dickinson, began to hit the GWK … well, (it’s arguably) I think the genre was some kind of metalcore… (like BFMV, Story of the Year, maybe). Not until half an hour they finished, waiting for the Iron Maiden show seemed longer than the show of Rise To Remain itself.

Satellite 15…The Final Frontier!

Lighting extinguished and of course Intro…began to reverberate, concerts mark start soon…visual image the spacecraft (Satellite 15) who landed on the planet continues immediately to the stage, cover of the decor has been opened (and the stage was like the spacecraft body!)…each personnel out of the door and Satellite 15 The Final Frontier shouted by Bruce! Without a rest, continues to El Dorado, the new single from the new album that made Iron Maiden earn Grammy Awards for the first time. 2 Minutes To Midnight, The Talisman passed and Bruce began to communicate with crowd before the song Coming Home, he said that this was their second time to Bali, they came before to vacation and celebrate the birthday of Rod Smallwood (Manager), and in every place they came for more the second times, they feel like Coming Home again.
In the middle of concert may feel quiet, because of the new songs, the long duration made the crowd may not memorized, and the enthusiasm of the audience was “higher” only when the classical songs played. This small body successfully approached up to 1 meter from the stage, but also susceptible from body surfing and mosh pit is right behind me, and this tiny back became easy target hit (but thanks to Jean-Philippe for covering me with his big and tall body, hehe). A big thanks to JP, because of him I could move closer to the stage.

This eyes can only be stunned, dazed and blinking occasionally, sometimes pressing the shutter of my camera…still can not believe Bruce Dickinson, Steve Harris, Adrian Smith, Dave Murray, Janick Gers and Nicko McBrain distances is not more than 3 meters directly in front of my face for real!

There was a small incident when The Wicker Man was played, after the solo guitar and before entering the choir “wooo…ooo…wooo…ooo”, Bruce looking into the right of the stage and instantly he stopped singing and looks angry. I still don’t know what happened. After the song finished, Bruce said that it was normally body surfing in the Iron Maiden concerts by fans everywhere, so any excuse to then hit someone is bullshit! Yes, that’s right, there are fans who body surfing, and then he was beaten by local security (I don’t know for what reason, might be thought to interfere), Iron Maiden crew tried to help but it was too late.

Iron Maiden more than just one of legendary metal band (New Wave Of British Heavy Metal) but they are also a true entertainer, it appears from their stage act. In the song Coming Home, Bruce invites the audience to sing, he acted as conductor and telling the lyrics with his body language.

(Bruce Dickinson)

Nicko did not much action because just seeing him behind the drum set that so high was difficult. Steve’s most active on stage, with sometimes firing his bass into the audience.

(Steve Harris)

Adrian and Dave probably the most intimate metal guitarist duo, almost at the whole concerts they were always together, side by side and sometimes wear the same brand of guitar

(Dave Murray & Adrian Smith)

And Janick was the wildest, he had the most exciting stage acts seen, he also seemed loyal to his Strato. The funny thing happened when he slapped the head of Eddie The Head when he comes out in songs The Evil That Men Do.

(Dave, Eddie & Janick)

(robot) Eddie whose size + / – 4 meters tried to take Janick’s guitar, but not given, and eventually he wore his own guitar, then jamming with Dave.

(Dave jamming with Eddie The Head)


Iron Maiden almost without a rest playing their songs, some of them unfamiliar because it was new song, didn’t remember the lyrics because it was too long, not make this concert anti-climax…Armed with a (little bit) sing along, hair banging, air guitaring, air drumming, I guarantee you will forget it all and never felt the concert gonna entered the encore…the audience already knows the set list, after Iron Maiden song they pretend to say goodbye…but the intro of The Number of The Beast starting the last 3 songs before it was finally closed with Running Free…

From all of 16 songs I didn’t know very well, but it wasn’t an obstacle to enjoy the whole fuckin’ show, especially for the legend like Iron Maiden…after the concert, this bodies suddenly transform into an Iron, but I should go home to Jogjakarta immediately…on the road, atmosphere of the concert still remains…and still, can’t believe I saw Iron Maiden in live for the first time! \m/ \666/ I’m officially Leonardus Surya S.Met now…(S.Met : Sarjana Metal : Metal Academician) *kind of degree*
Thanks Iron \M/aiden! Now Bali has printed in one of your legendary tour…

(Bali on Shirt)


  1. Satellite 15… The Final Frontier
  2. El Dorado
  3. 2 Minutes  To Midnight
  4. The Talisman
  5. Coming Home
  6. Dance Of  Death
  7. The Trooper
  8. Blood Brothers
  9. The Wicker Man
  10. When The Wild Wind Blows
  11. The Evil That Men  Do
  12. Fear Of The Dark
  13. Iron  Maiden


  1. The Number Of The Beast
  2. Hallowed Be Thy Name
  3. Running Free
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